This document contains a comprehensive list of all available API wrappers for the LBRY protocol and blockchain. API wrappers allow for easier integration of the LBRY APIs into your codebase. They still require you to run either the LBRY protocol or the LBRY blockchain.

Interested in creating one for a language not shown below? See our bounties page for details.

List of API wrapper resources

Language Creator/Contact GitHub Repository / Other Links Status
Python osilkin98 PyBry / PyPi Completed
C++ osilkin98 CppBry Completed
Java winder lbry4j / Maven-Central Completed
Javascript ryanomad lbry-js / npm Completed
Lua ocornoc lualbry Completed
PHP lyoshenka php-api Completed
Ruby dan1d lbry-api-ruby / Ruby Gem Completed
Rust zxawry lbry-rs Completed
Dart osilkin98 lbrydart Completed