Run your own instance of using Docker images.

Run the SDK

The LBRY SDK provides RPC and streaming endpoints to interact with the LBRY network. Web users will connect to it directly, so it must be web-accessible. You may have to open ports on your firewall.

docker run -d -p 5279:5279 -p 5280:5280 vshyba/websdk

This image will not save files to disk. It has the save_blobs and save_files config options set to false. If you want to save files, see Building your own SDK image below.

Run the web app

Clone and install the app as described in the lbry-desktop repo README. If you want to customize it further, follow the extra steps in Customize the web app section. Otherwise:

git clone
cp .env.defaults .env

Configure .env with the following settings. They must match the SDK ports in the previous section.


Compile and run

NODE_ENV=production yarn compile:web
nodejs web/index.js

Building your own SDK image

If you want to customize the SDK settings, you can

Clone the SDK repo:

git clone

Create a docker/webconf.yaml file and modify as you need. This is a good start:

allowed_origin: "*"
max_key_fee: "0.0 USD"
save_files: false
save_blobs: false
streaming_server: ""
api: ""
data_dir: /tmp
download_dir: /tmp
wallet_dir: /tmp

Note that it is required to have streaming_server and api set to user-accessible IPs. If you want this to be accessible on the open web, that means setting them to

To build the image, run:

docker build -f docker/Dockerfile.web -t <your dockerhub username>/<project name, like 'websdk'> .
docker push <dockerhub username/project name>