LBRY is a free, open, and community-run digital marketplace.
Build the future of content freedom.


What if anyone in the world could publish a piece of digital content, anyone else in the world could access it, for free or for payment, and that entire system worked end-to-end without any centralized authority or point of control?

That's the idea behind LBRY. To create a market for accessing and publishing information that is global, decentralized, robust, optimal and complete.

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LBRY has enough moving parts to warrant comprehensive documentation. Whether you are interested in learning the technical details of our technology stack or you want to integrate LBRY into your life, you will find everything you need in our docs.

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Interested in progressing content freedom? Awesome! No matter your experience or skill level, you can make a difference.


Like a bit of documentation but would prefer to jump in and make your mark on the blockchain? Perhaps add cats to it?

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Hang out with us! We have a vibrant community of lbryians and would be delighted if you joined us.

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